Reply mail from Gerald Dick

DATE: 19/12/2014

Dear Mrs Sakae Hemmi,

Many thanks for your long mail. I am happy that the meeting which we have facilitated in Tokyo was useful and served as the first meeting between JAZA and Japanese NGOs. You can imagine that it was not so easy to get all those people around one table, so I appreciate your kind words and am also happy to hear that you already had a follow up meeting. Given the long history and complexity of the drive hunts it was not really realistic to expect that a solution of the whole issue of drive fisheries could be found in one meeting, but as you say you have now identified the right targets in Taiji itself and will continue to work on the issue.
Please be assured that WAZA as far as the involvement of aquariums (although non-members) is concerned will continue our internal procedure. Our statement after the meeting in Tokyo is still valid and the drive fisheries as such have to come to an end. This is something where the activities of your NGO partners within Japan can make a difference and influence the political situation.

With the best wishes for the New Year,

Gerald Dick

An Open letter to Dr. Gerald Dick, executive director of WAZA